How it works

  • Join an interest group in your chosen neighbourhood (hoods) and challenge groups in other neighbourhoods. Win prizes, digital medals and points!

    (You can choose up to two hoods. For example, the hood you live in and the hood you go to work in).
  • Or use the tools in "Hood Discoveries" to form non-competitive interest groups or offer great deals and services in your neighbourhood.


Talk to us about sponsoring an inter-hood competition. We have many interesting ideas that will reinforce the strategic values that your brand stands for and generate lots of buzz. These are the places that your brand will appear:

1. In the video that promotes the event.

2. In the video highlights of the event itself. We aim to capture the fun and exciting action in the competitions so that the video will be shared by users in social media.

3. In our landing page and in all the neighbourhood news-stream pages, a total of 89 high traffic pages.

4. At the event itself. All the participants and spectators will see that you are the main sponsor.


HoodChampions is a project developed by Tenacitus Pte Ltd ( If you want to contact our CEO, you can write to him at [email protected].

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