National intra-hood competitions

These are national intra-hood competitions organized by HoodChampions.

Intra-Hood BMK @ Tampines - Draw lah! SG Pictionary Intra-hood Competition 2017

Venue : Blk 720A Tampines Street 72
Time : 7am
1st Prize : 0$
2nd Prize : 0$
3rd Prize : 0$
Our Sponsors : Singapore Kindness Movement
Date Time
17 September 2017 Sunday 6pm to 7pm

Rules and Regulations

    1. All participants must be from the same household or neighbourhood and registered users of
    2. Competing teams will be picked randomly via lucky draw to decide which team to compete first. The organizer reserves the right to change the paring of teams from the same hood competing against each other.
    3. Teams can comprise of:
    - Minimum 2 neighbours / maximum 4 neighbours.
    - Minimum 2 family members / maximum 4 family members.
    4. Competition rounds (subjected to total no. of registrations) :
    - Pre Quarter-finals: 16 teams to compete for 8 qualifying teams in Quarter-finals.
    - Quarter-final: 8 teams to compete for 4 qualifying teams in Semi-finals.
    - Semi-finals: 4 teams to compete for 2 qualifying teams in Finals.
    - Final: 2 teams to compete for 1st & 2nd prize.
    5. The prizes: Goodie Bags
    6. All decisions made by the organizer is final on all matters and no correspondence or appeals will be entertained.
    7. There will be video shoots and photography at the event. By participating in the event, you consent to your appearance in HoodChampion’s promotional pictures and videos for the event.
    8. HoodChampions reserves the right to introduce new rules or amend the existing ones to better facilitate the competition.
    9. All Pictionary words are reflective of all-things Singapore. Be it food, people, places or things.
    10. Each team will nominate someone to draw (known as ‘Drawer’) and someone to ‘guess’ (known as ‘Guesser(s)’) the word.
    11. The ‘Drawer’ will draw 10 cards from a box containing the SG Pictionary word(s) he/she has to draw for his/her ‘Guesser(s)’.
    12. The ‘Drawer’ will have 2 minutes to draw complete as many SG Pictionary words and have his/her Guesser(s) name them correctly.
    13. The winning team for that qualifying round is determined by the most words guessed.
    14. In the event of a tie, the team that guess the ‘tie-breaker’ word in the fastest time wins.